what will they think of next

‘Hello God.  It’s me, Margaret.’

A friend called me the other day asking if we were going to our ‘fill-in-the-blank-Catholic-school-our-children-attend’ Reverse Raffle.  Long story short, she’d received, by mistake, an extra set of tickets in the envelope with her tickets.  Since we love this couple to squishy bits … and when I heard who the other couples in attendance would be … I asked hubby and he said, ‘why the heck not?’.  So.  For the first time ever … EVER … we committed to go to the annual function.  And then … because if nothing else … we Catholics are as honest as the day is long *cough* …  I dashed off the $60 check with a note explaining about the ‘extra’ tickets.

The next day said friend emailed me the details for the event … because y’all know I’m not very good at keeping … or in fact, actually reading … all those dadgum, tree-eatin’, here’s-what’s-happenin’ flyers they send home in youngest son’s weekly brown envelope.  She gets that about me.  And she’s very patient.  And keeps me informed.


In preparation for the gala, I’m checking out the entertainment.  Oh my my my.  Psychic readings.  At a Catholic event.  Hmmm.  Now, I’ll preface what I’m going to tell y’all with a little history.  Personally, I don’t necessarily put alot of stock into psychic readings.  When we lived in Central Florida in the mid-80’s, I went with a group of girls from the office to a spooky little town called Cassadaga to have our fortunes read.  The town was old Florida, moss-covered-tree kinda eerie.  The readings, unfortunately, were rather underwhelming.    Since that time, I’ve had a few readings here and there with local friends here.  I don’t read (or believe in) horoscopes or astrology.  But.  That’s just me.  I think if nothing else, they’re … well … entertaining.

However, my personal feelings aside … because no one asked me in the first place … I did think it was ironic that the Catholic Church … y’all got that, right … this is a Catholic event … in the Church gym … okay … just wanted to make sure … would hire a psychic reader as entertainment.  I guess coupled with the beer tent, it must have seemed entirely appropriate.  Yeah.  Because … other than being as honest-as-the-day-is-long … remember the tickets, see above … bottom line is we Catholics are also known to be very engaging and quite liberal when it comes to throwing a shindig.  Where’d y’all think Bingo came from?

I called said friend a few days later for a little chuckle about it.  She tells me that they’ve had this type of entertainment for a few years now and it’s the … can I quote? … ‘…biggest hit of the night!  Gosh, people stood in line for hours to get a reading.’  Hmmm.   Having said all that … I did promise her I’d stand in line with her for a reading.  Why not?  We’ll have beer while we wait and then go to Confession in the morning.

God loves us Catholics.


4 thoughts on “what will they think of next

  1. I’ve never had a psychic reading but have always wanted to. I’d be standing in line with a beer waiting with you. LOL

  2. Ahhh … but will it be the prospect of a reading or the beer that’ll keep you on your feet? 🙂 I guess we’ll find out in Savannah, eh? *whistles and looks innocent*

  3. Yes, we’ll just have to wait until Savannah for you to find that out. I’m not divulging any secrets on this here blog. LOL

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