six degrees of separation

As cheesey as it is, I have loved the Bay City Rollers since I was 13 years old.  That’s over three decades now.  I know.  I’m scaring myself.  But today, I figured out why.  Sorta. 

While sorting through some photos and memorabilia this morning, I came across my great Auntie’s obituary.  As I read the bit from the newspaper, I was shocked that I never realized my maternal great grandmother on my mom’s mom’s side … my grandmother’s mother to be precise … got all that? … was Scottish.  And a purebreed Scots at that.  Ola Kelso.  Can you get any more Scottish than that?  Methinks not.

The Rollers and I?  Why, we’re from the same breeding pool.  Sorta.  People … ya really gotta work with me here.


10 thoughts on “six degrees of separation

  1. Of course, that is the reason. It’s not at all because you are turned on by Eric’s legs in that kilt. 🙂 I, however, am somewhat disturbed by the placement of Derek’s left hand. LOL

  2. I am laughing SO hard!?! I never noticed it. Tsk tsk Derek. 😉

    There’s another photo of the guys that, to me, is just a weird, and rather disturbing theme. I’ll have to see if I can find it and post.

    Eric’s legs? Gosh. Never noticed. *cough*

  3. Is it the one of them under the covers in the king size bed? Now, that one makes me shudder. Tam’s idea, I’m sure! LOL

  4. No it was all of them laying on the ground all over each other. It was totally bizarre. And now I can’t find it!? Grrr.

  5. I use the same reason, Lisa! My maternal great-grandfather was from Arbroath. My maternal great-grandmother’s mother (great-great granny) was from Sweetheart Abbey, just south of Dumfries. When I discovered the Rollers when I was 12, I immediately knew it was kismet. I mean, it had to be, I was Scottish, too, after all!

  6. Not such a fan myself & I am also of the Scottish gene pool… Johnston is my clan, have a tartan and everything!! Gosh, now I suppose I gotta go post the photo of me doing the Highland Fling…

  7. Come on Lisa! Your other friends might believe this, but your fellow BCR fan friends know that it is not your Scottish heritage that draws you to Eric Faulkner like a moth to a flame. LOL 🙂 You’re just in denial, honey.

  8. You’re not going to rat me out to Russell are you?! I told him it would be hard, if not impossible to give up Eric. 🙂 *gulp*

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