laundry origami

At the risk of sounding like an ingrate, I have to vent.  And I’m sorry that I’m going to sound a bit whiney.  I beg forgiveness.


Oldest son has late classes on Monday.  Therefore, before I left for work this morning, I assigned him the task of finishing up the stray laundry.  With youngest son’s two soccer games this weekend, each smack dab in the middle of both days, I managed to leave a basket … or two … of unwashed clothing as we tripped into the week.  I hate that.  I do. I like having things tidied up from one week to the next so we’re starting fresh on Monday.  Because let’s get real … Monday’s are bad enough without having to stare down last week’s leftovers.

Flash forward.

I came home this evening … after youngest son’s baseball practice … to find that oldest son actually finished the laundry and deposited the basket of folded clothes upstairs in the master bedroom.  Again, I don’t want to sound like an ingrate. 


Whoever taught the boy to fold laundry oughta be bullwhipped.  I swear to y’all, the basket of clothes was about 2 feet high … by 2 inches wide.  I found my jeans folded to the size of a loaf of bread.  Youngest son has hoodies that would fit into a teacup. I asked oldest son if it was his greatest desire in life to be the first laundry origami champion.  He smiled and said, ‘At least I finished it, Mom.’  Ooooh.  Touche’.


5 thoughts on “laundry origami

  1. Do I dare suggest that it was you who taught him the fine art of folding clothes?

    You can send him to my house… I would totally appreciate anyone who can make a hoody fit inside a tea cup!!

  2. You find the greatest pictures to go with your blogs. 🙂 I, like Betsy, sort of wondered if *you* were the one who taught him how to do laundry! LOL I could have told either of my sons to do the laundry while I was gone and each would have said, “Okay, Mom,” but I can guarantee you it wouldn’t have happened, so see, you’ve done something right. 😀

  3. I almost took pictures, but I didn’t want my underwear that was folded into little origami swans all over the internet. You can imagine how very shameful that would be. 🙂

    Apparently I didn’t teach him how to fold laundry! Another one of his little laundry tricks is to not remove the dry clothes in the dryer before popping in the next load. He swears he doesn’t … but Mom knows all. Heh heh heh ….

  4. If he’s folding underwear into origami swans, the answer is obvious…he’s secretly training to become a cruise ship steward! He must’ve gotten wind about all the hot action the crew members score on those singles cruises. Lock him up, quick! ;o)

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