Geesh. I’ve been pimped.  And I’m a wee bit very much frosted.  I checked my stats today on WordPress and see I’ve had a bazillion-and-three  four hits to my blog.  Now.  Y’all know I realize this is a public blog, however, it’s not like I’ve been zooming across the Internet posting the link everywhere.  In fact, the only place I’ve posted the link is on my Facebook account.  Because, well, really.  I’m not all that terribly fascinating.


Those that know me can swear to it.

But.  In checking the referrers to this site, generally 99.9% of them come from Facebook.  Funny side note, my blog that mentioned ‘penny loafers’ actually got a search hit. Now. Isn’t that cute?  I wanna give a shout out to the web surfer who was mislead into thinking I had something important to say about that particular topic.

As I was saying.

For the most part, all the hits to Peel the Onion come from Facebook.  Today, an abundance of the hits came from the referrer welovetherollers.com.  My oh my.  What’s going on over there?  I click through and … wow … they’ve posted a link to this blog under their ‘Articles About Tam’s Death’.  Hmm. I’ve dashed off a note to the web mistress there because quite frankly, this is not a blog about the Bay City Rollers.  I am not an authority on the Rollers.  I’m not an authority on much of anything.

I know, don’t say it.

And .. yes, I’m whining … doesn’t anyone ask first?  Because I would have promptly and firmly said, ‘nothankyouverramuch’.


For those readers out there who skipped over here from that website  hoping to find something deliciously nasty about the Rollers, you’re going to be disappointed.  I am a fan.  I know nothing more than 95% of you do.  This blog is not a Roller blog, nor will it be one when it grows up.  Period.  It is strictly for the purposes of recording bits and baubles of my life.

However, if you’re looking for a powerful sleep aid?  You’ve come to the right place.  Bring a blanket.


This just in … insert newsflash music … dit dit dittity dit …

I wanted to let y’all know I just received a most lovely email  back from Andrea at welovetherollers.com who has oh-so-kindly removed the link.  Thankyouandrea.

I shall now return to the eminently more pressing
crisis of cracked boiled eggs.  Phooey.


One thought on “pimped

  1. You are not *just* a fan. You are part and parcel of an online community that has grown over the years, its had its ups and downs but you are much more than merely a fan.

    Your wise words and cheerful disposition, plus that singing voice of yours make you one of my fave peeps… and I know many others will agree with me 🙂

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