blue zones

In ‘The Day’ I used to watch Oprah religiously. She was my girl, oh yes she was.  Full of wisdom and warmth and that down-to-earth chattiness … y’all know what I’m talking about, like she’s your best friend … or … could be?  Sigh.  Dadgum, I loved her show.  Lately?  Not so much. I don’t know.  She’s gone all New Age-y on me.  She’s just not my Oprah any more. 


Every now and then in my TiVo searches I’ll come across something she’s yammering about that I’ll want to check out.  Like.  Well.  The episode where Dr. Oz trekked to the ‘Blue Zones’ of the world to see why some people live to be centurions centenarians. 


I feel I need to clarify that when we’re talking about ‘centurions’  ‘centenarians’ we’re talking about people who live to be 100 years old or more.  Just want to make sure you’re not thinking ‘cenetaurs’ which are those mythological half-horse, half-man creatures. 

That would be one weird-ass Oprah show though, wouldn’t it?

Anyway.  Back to old people.

I’m not sure why I wanted to watch the show because it’s not that I’d actually want to live to be 100.  I’m just sayin’ straight-up … I don’t have nearly enough cabbage squirreled away in my retirement for anything close to that kinda longevity.  Lord forbid. If I lived to be 100 years old I’d be wearing Walmart wash rags and eating cat food.  And I’m not talkin’ about that expensive Friskies stuff.

I’m so not kidding.  It wouldn’t be pretty.

Okay.  So.

Apparently, according to the report there are four so-called ‘Blue Zones’ in the world where there are unusually large populations of people who live to a very old age.  The 7-year study investigated the commonalities in these groups in an attempt to figure out the phenomenon.  Wanna know what they found?

McDonalds fries. 

The secret to living to 100 is a large, greasy, salty bag o’fries
each and every day.

Can I get an amen?


Not really. 

Truth? It’s moving. Yeah. Moving. Well, among other things like not eating processed foods … oooohh blah blah blah … yawn yawn yawn … but one of the main factors in living a long, healthy life is the simple act of keeping physically active every day. Drats. I was afraid of that.  Dr. Oz was interviewing some of these centenarians living in Sardinia, Italy who were still herding sheep at 104 years old. 

104 years old.  Herding sheep. 


Yet one more reason I don’t want to live to be over 100.

And the theory about drinking 2 glasses of red wine a night for good health?  Our friend Dr. Oz reports that there is new scientific evidence on the topic of red wine that indicates it’s not necessarily the red wine itself.  The antioxidants in red wine account for only 10% of the puzzle.  The other 90% health benefit?  The mere fact it’s alcohol.

Are you smiling?  Oh me too.

Oprah asked if she could say … maybe drink two shots of vodka a night instead … to which Dr. Oz responded, ‘oh sure’.

I need to start watching more ‘Oprah’.   The things I’m missing.


4 thoughts on “blue zones

  1. Yes, there was a time when I wouldn’t miss Oprah. She came on around the time I was home waiting to give birth to and then staying up all night with my oldest, and I thought she was the best thing since, well, sliced bread.

    I would think the sheep herding would be right up your alley? No? Maybe in your younger days. You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout, Willis. LOL I was also happy to hear that we can get that alcohol benefit in a different form. I hate red wine, so the vodka thing sounded pretty darned good to me. White wine is okay, too. Oprah and Ellen are on at the same time here and most of the time (if I’m home), I’m watching Ellen. You know you should email her. That cenetaur show idea doesn’t sound half bad. 😉

  2. Well this sucks! My dietician won’t let me have fries and my meds prevent me from having alcohol. Guess I can kiss 100 and sheep herding goodbye!

  3. Okay, to start, just to clarify, a centurion was a commanding officer in the Roman military in ancient Roman times, y’know, back in the day. A centenarian is a person of 100 years of age or older. (did this come off as catty? Isn’t intended that way!). I have a great-aunt who falls into the centenarian category – she’ll be 102 in June. Her brother, my grandfather, made it to his mid-70s.

    I saw this Oprah show about Blue Zones. It did say a bit more than just moving. Diets in all four Blue Zones are primarily plant-based. The drinking is to be done in a social setting, not simply at home. And keeping socially connected is key, not necessarily drinking while doing so, but why not?

    As for Oprah, I too, was a big fan back in the day, a later day than ancient Roman times, but back in the day nonetheless. Perhaps she has done her job so well, we’ve all grown so much that we don’t need her guidance any more?

  4. High five to Caiti for correcting my spelling. Y’all know I’m a stickler for that kinda stuff. 🙂

    Shame on me. Doh.

    As far as more things contribute to reaching 100 and beyond than just moving, moving is what stuck in my head because of all the things they talked about, for the most part the one I really fall down on is the moving.

    And the drinking. And falling down when I drink. 🙂

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