the carnival’s in town

I am of the firm opinion that children under the age of 20 should never be left to their own devices.  Ever.  I set up the Easter egg coloring paraphernalia Saturday afternoon and told the boys … both of apparently questionable judgement … ‘I bequeath you the task of coloring eggs’.  Since the boys … gawd love the cherubs .. are about as coordinated as carnival monkeys when it comes to using anything involving dye, I hung around to safely hoist up the eggs at the proper time.

As to the end result?  Well.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  They are clever children.  Give them a couple of little wax crayons and they can find a hundred-and-one ways to amuse themselves.

Please note I use the word ‘children’ rather loosely considering the oldest one is a 19-year old college freshman.


‘Poop on Ant’ … ‘Dom = Dumb’
Folks, meet the next generation.

Oh.  And the blue egg labeled ‘Red’?
Return on the ol’ college tuition

This I believe.  Every midwest suburban
household oughta have a gansta egg … ‘yo’

And, of course, my personal favorite, ‘Mom Sucks’.
Oh my, they laughed so hard they snorted.


Wishing y’all a very blessed Easter.


2 thoughts on “the carnival’s in town

  1. I have just laughed so hard! I love your kids, Lisa!

    We had not little ones at my parents house so all the teens and tweens hunted eggs. I did my Easter Beagle impersonation. Ah, good times! ♥

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