so glad you’re here

I don’t want to get overly excited because, in the Midwest, the weather can, and does, change on a dime.  It’s snowed as late as mid-May and can begin to dip into freezing temperatures as early as September. 

But.  I woke up this morning to the birds tweeting and a beautiful mild breeze.  And sun. 

Ohmygosh.  Sun.

My first task.  Open every window in the house.  Come in spring!  Please.  My oh my you smell awfully sweet.

Green-ness abounds.

Pushed open all the sliders in the sunroom. 
Turned off the heater.

The river birch in the side yard is showing signs of buds.

New life on the maple tree.
Wake up, wake up!

And, of course, there are now beds to clean out.

Next weekend.

This weekend, I think I’m just going to go outside and sniff.



2 thoughts on “so glad you’re here

  1. We’ve bypassed “opening windows” and gone straight to running the AC. It’s supposed to be close to 90 here today. I really hope it’s a bit cooler in Louisville!!


  2. I’m not sure we ever turned our AC off…well, there may be been those few days in December… We’ve already had a couple of triple digit days here in AZ.

    I just love all the pics of your home and yard, Lisa. They make me smile.

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