this is my rock and roll loveletter

Message for all the Roller tribute bands around the world; Shang A Lang; Bay City Rollermania and all the rest … there’s gotta be one called Rollers Show somewhere – thanks for the compliment … long may your shang lang. If you want a little feature on the myspace send your stuff and we’ll see what we can do.

Message for the bogus Bay City Rollers across the pond in the good old U.S.of A.

Surely the un-coolest event to date. It might be a smart move to hang up your tartan scarves for a wee while … eh! Trying hard to keep this from the pinstripes who are chewing at the bit …

The problem we’ve got, it’s not just me, is when we fly the idea of some Roller shows in the States to buyers we’re told they already deal with the Bay City Rollers … How can this be?

Drop us a line to say you’re bored with the idea. If you wanna be famous I’ll put your pic here if you want maybe even a message board … that will be a hoot. You might have been told this is OK … It’s not.

The exit’s over there … that’s just before the legal department.

E.F. & S.W.

Fan watch; If you see this advertised in the USA let us know…all info dealt with in confidence … you’ve got to laugh …

This weekend, I stumbled across the above information posted on Eric Faulkner’s myspace page.  I no longer have a myspace account and haven’t been trolling around over there for quite some time.  Therefore, I can’t tell you exactly how long ago it actually surfaced.  The fact it’s still there as of this weekend, however, indicates to me it’s relatively current news.   Or conversely, as usual I’m on the little bike in the back, and this is news y’all have mulled over already in a galaxy far, far away.

That would be a shocker. 


So.  I’ve read the statement multiple times to get my head around the gist of it, attempting to sift out how I feel about what Eric and Stuart are saying.  

And, lest you think I’m a wee bit cracked … please note I do realize that none of this matters in the big picture of my life.  I recognize I have eminently bigger fish to fry.  Such as pondering why my dadgum air conditioner refuses to make the house cooler than 75 degrees on a 73-degree day. 

Markedly ironic, doncha think?


As to my thoughts on the Faulkner-Wood statement, I have to get ’em out, otherwise I won’t sleep tonight. 

Okay. I’m being dramatic.  I won’t lose any sleep over this.


But.  At the very least, the whole thing sticks in my craw.  I’m going to be honest.  The posting kinda rankles me.  A bit.

Alright.  A bit and then some. 

Firstly, I absolutely agree that faux Rollers shouldn’t be cashing in on the Bay City Roller name.  Y’all know that’s wrong on a myriad of levels.  No one who wasn’t part of the band at one point or another after they became a worldwide success should be flaunting about the name for a bit of coin.   And even then, there should be a sliding scale with which said member should be allowed to present and/or promote themselves based on their length of tenure and contributions to the band during the band’s heyday.

In my personal opinion, prior to the point of the Alan-Derek-Les-Eric-Woody line-up, no one other than a die-hard fan would even be able to tickle their brain to recall the members before the mid-70’s.  Therefore, for my point of reference, it was the five above that ignited the spark that became the phenomenon.


On the sentiment of ‘cease and desist’ regarding ripping off the Bay City Roller name for profit by posers, I wholeheartedly agree.  

A gatrillion and one percent.

Where I diverge is on the topic of the ‘help-a-fella-out request’.  Having been a fan since 1976 and re-discovering the Bay City Rollers online twenty years later in 1996, I’ll be the first to admit I’m carrying a bit o’ Ms. Bitter Pants baggage.  I come from a place of years and years (and years) of not hearing a peep from Eric. 

Nada.  Silence of the chirping-crickets variety.

Now, y’all know I do realize he has a right to his own private life.  He does. And I totally get that.   But his secrecy and avoidance-bordering-on-outright-aversion of anything fan-related seemed to go well beyond the need for personal privacy. 

For instance, Eric was cordially invited (read:  begged to come) to 95% of the fan fests over the past decade plus.  There was a very real, willing-to-pay-coin audience out there who wanted to see him perform again.  Eric responded in the positive to only one; the others? 

Nothing but a big, black void of silence.

He has never interacted online with the fans.  He has never responded to much of anything where the fans were involved.  He has chosen to make himself entirely unavailable over the past decade.

So.  Y’all have to pardon the fact my back is up over his combined statement with Stuart.  Now y’all wanna be friends?  Help a brotha out? 

Hmm.  Where’s all this new-found love o’de fans coming from?

Ricky.  You’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

And while I’m purging here, I have to say I’m feeling a bit very much cynical on the teasing talk of a Rollers reunion and gigs in the United States.  I wanna believe y’all.  A whole bunch.  But.


Life at 13 was so much simpler.  I believed everything I heard … and trusted implicitly.  At this point in my life, I’m inclined to take y’all with a very large grain of salt.

And that’s terribly sobering.