ooh ooh aah aah

Since I was very young, I have always been a bit enthralled with anthropology.  In grade school, I was a little very much obsessed with evolution. 

Totally fascinated.  Which, in retrospect, I suppose wasn’t an overly cool thing to be. 

‘My name is Lisa, and I dig cavemen.’ 

“Hiiiii Lisa. Ooh ooh aah aah.’

Okay.  A slight detour here because I just can’t stop myself. 

I beg your indulgence.

I am one of those people who doesn’t necessarily have a great memory, or even a good memory.  However.  I will very often have flashbacks of random, insignifcant events in my life.  One moment of inconsequential recall I have regarding the topic of evolution was in 7th grade.  We were preparing to watch a film about my dear … if somewhat evolutionarily-challenged friends … the Neanderthals, when I raised my hand and innocently asked, ‘Where do cave men happen in the Bible?’. 

Cause y’all, I really did want to know

Simple enough question.

I distinctly remember the teacher’s response.  ‘You should ask your parents that’.  Oh.  Okay.

See?  Useless memories.

In any event.

In my mid-20’s I developed a strong interest in the works of Dian Fossey. Yes.  That is how you spell her name. I should know.  We were friends in my primate hallucinations.  I wanted to be just like her.  But more attractive. 

I’m just sayin’. 

Dr. Fossey was a leading scientist who conducted field studies of the mountain gorillas in Africa prior to her death by poachers in 1985.  Her counterpart for chimpanzee research was Jane Goodall. There was a third primate researcher for the orangutans, however, I’ve always thought those hideous, hairy beasts were a tad bit frightening.  Therefore, I won’t be bringing them up again.

Okay.  The history is semi-important to my point here.  


So.  Last season, I discovered a show on Animal Planet, ‘Escape to Chimp Eden’.  ‘Chimp Eden’ follows the lives of rescued chimps in a sanctuary in South Africa.  The show’s host, conservationist Eugene Cussons,  opened his chimp santuary in 2006 in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute.  

I told you there was a point to the history lesson.

I watched the first season of  ‘Chimp Eden’ sporadically, then thought I’ll bet youngest son would love this show?  And y’all know what?  He does. The chimps are incredibly fascinating in their ‘human-ness’.  Did y’all know that chimps share 98% of the same DNA as humans?  They do. 


Anyway.  The big draw to last night’s episode was the rescue of 7 baby chimps from Sudan.  I swear to y’all there is nothing … absolutely nothing … cuter than little baby chimps being tickled. 

Oh golly.  Cute, cute, cute.

I wonder if they smell?  Cause I don’t think I’d like that.


And I can’t help but comment that Eugene Cussons looks awfully cute himself in his khaki cargo pants.  He’s a heckova lot easier on the eyes than Dian Fossey.  Umm. I know that’s shallow.  Sorry.  It just came out.

But.  Yep.  That’s what I do on a Friday night.  This is what my life has been reduced too.  Watching chimpanzees on TV with my 9-year old son.  Then on Saturday night … I write a blog about it.

My life is so utterly stimulating.


2 thoughts on “ooh ooh aah aah

  1. I love this show, for all the reasons you mentioned. It is interesting to see the humaness of the chimps. It serves an important purpose – saving those chimps from horriffic conditions, abuse, captivity in confined spaces, etc., and the all important species conservation attempt. Not to mention Eugene Cussons is gosh dang adorable!

    I thought your question as a kid about where are cave-men in the Bible an honest, interesting question, and the teachers response the correct one. Do you today have any conflict between your religious belifes and evolution?

  2. Some of these episodes made me cry, it’s so awful how people treated these poor animals?! You have to wonder what evil could be in a person to be so abusive??

    I don’t have any conflicts between my faith and evolution. I think there’s so much proof of evolution as far back as the dinosaurs, up to the cave men. I don’t fully understand how it all fits together in the puzzle, but I trust God knows what He’s doing. So I’m okay with the whole evolution thing.


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