deal or no deal

A few months ago I had some sort of an issue that caused my eyelids to swell.  Gosh, it really wasn’t pretty.  Not a bit.  After about a week of not wearing eye make-up … yes, very frightening … I broke down and went to the optometrist.  Said doctor informed me that yes, I did have some sort of an allergic reaction, but sometimes ‘these things just happen’.  Yeah, I actually paid quite a bit o’cabbage for that advice.  He said it could be something in the air, could be a change in soap, could be a lunar eclipse.  He didn’t know.  However.  He wrote me a prescription for Bausch & Lomb Alrex.

Earlier this week it happened again.  This time, fortunately, I could actually pinpoint the culprit.  Apparently, I have some sort of an allergic reaction to Maybelline loose facial powder.  Crazy.  I just switched last weekend when I couldn’t find my usual powder and was in a hurry to just get something.  I remembered then that the last time this happened, I was using that powder as well

See? I just may have some detective skillz in me yet.

The kicker is the price of the Alrex for whatever reason is not covered on my prescription plan.  $60.   Did y’all get that?  SIXTY DOLLARS.  For 5 ml of eye squirt. 

Just so y’all have some perspective on that travesty, let’s review …

Progresso Mushroom Soup (deee-yummy by the way)
18 oz = $2.69

Tostitos Chunky Salsa
24 oz = $4.29

Diet Coke
12 oz can = $.50

Baush & Lomb Alrex
5 ml = $60.00

It’s a darn good thing I don’t eat Bausch & Lomb Alrex
with tortilla chips.


3 thoughts on “deal or no deal

  1. Looori … Diiieettt Cooookeeee … 3 cases for $10 at Kroger this morning. C’mon. C’mmooooon. I have a whole refrigerator full.


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