8 less jon and kate

When I first caught up with ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ on TLC I was more than a bit captivated being a voyeur into a world where a mom raises copes with 8 children, 6 of whom were under the age of 2 at the time.  Jon and Kate seemed like a close, albeit polar-opposite couple, and the kids are just the cutest things since calico kittens.  Kate did mountains and mountains of laundry … just like all of us moms.  She budgeted to go to the grocery store … just like all of us moms.  She made the kidlets fresh, organic meals … just like … well … okay

On a random side note, in one episode Kate said her children have never had McDonalds or fast food of any kind.  I should have known then something evil was lurking under the surface.


I enjoyed watching the kids grow up.  Did I mention they’re too darn cute?  And marveled at how a mom could keep it all together living in a self-induced daycare 24/7. I have two sons, 10 years apart in age.  Period.  God knew that’s what I could handle. Of course, God didn’t per se give her 8 children either.  She and the medical community kinda helped Him along in the process.


I think for me the fissures in my TV love affair with Jon and Kate started to develop when the show became more of an advertising platform for all the freebie trips and goodies bestowed upon them from sponsors.  Heck.  That’s not coping with life in a large family.  That’s nurturing a very valuable commodity that inevitably made their lives a bazillion times more rich and exciting than simply the twins they began with.  Can y’all … with a straight face … tell me it’s terribly difficult to cope with that many sprouts when you’re being paid quite a chunk o’cabbage to show your story to the world?  According to several websites and other sources of media, Jon & Kate make approximately $65K per episode


And that does not include coin earned for speaking engagements, general appearances, photos, and book deal(s).  I’d like to invite the TLC producers to my house.  I’d only charge them a fraction of that $65K for them to video tape me doing my mountains of laundry and … errr … not cooking meals.

Then.  How about all the manual help they receive?  My oh my.  I suppose they ‘cope’ quite well, thankyouverramuch.  The breaking point for me, and when I actually stopped watching the show, was when they moved into their newly-built $1.3M mansion.  Suddenly, the whole thing seemed … well … contrived. 


I felt more than a little snookered.

Flash forward.

We should have seen the train wreck coming.  Really.  My how a few years after the show’s debut, things could go so horribly wrong.  I went to the grocery store this morning and nearly every magazine at the checkout stand had photos and blaring headlines about who’s doing who in the Jon and Kate saga.   Firstly, who cares.  But I couldn’t help but think, what about these 8 children and how it all impacts them?

Doing a little digging online today because in my opinion, for whatever that’s worth, there are two sides to every story.  But I am absolutely gobsmacked at how family and so-called friends are getting in on the action.  I have to wonder if this is any better than how badly the parents are allegedly behaving.  The link below is for a blog written by ‘Aunt Jodi’s sister’. 

Let me lay it out for you.  Kevin is Kate’s brother.  Jodi is Kate’s sister-in-law, married to Kevin.  This blog is written by Jodi’s sister.  Got it … or conversely, care?


Reading the blog is akin to witnessing a horrific accident.  It’s awful. It makes me feel dirty and icky and sad.  But I had to read it all.  Then ultimately wonder … what kind of a person is ‘Jodi’s sister’ for even getting involved in the media frenzy, revealing personal and private details of their lives when she herself rakes them all over the coals for doing the same thing.

Mind yo’ own bizness, Jodi’s sister.  Tsk tsk.


What’s really clear about all of this?  I need to get back to my documentaries on PBS.


4 thoughts on “8 less jon and kate

  1. I USED to like this show. I completely agree with you that it has turned into a cash cow. At first, it was fun seeing the kids grow up and I actually marvelled at Kate and how she handled doing all that she did. However, as the perks started rolling in, things changed and it was for the worse. The last time I watched the show, they showed Kate cleaning out the fridge. They spent atleast 10 minutes of her going on and on about the condition of the fridge. I just wanted to scream “will you shut up already!!” She is using her family for monetary gain. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Lately, I’ve had a very hard time watching this show. Kate’s constant perfectionism raises my hackles, and her gradual shift from a mom to a perfectly coiffed, tanning-bedded star symbolizes her ambition and her motives very nicely. Lisa, thanks for drawing my attention to $65K per episode. That sickens me too.

  3. What I have always found curious about this show from the beginning was her non-existent relationship with her family other than her brother, Kevin. I remember in one episode, when asked, she said something to the effect that they ‘chose not to be a part of our lives.’ At the time, I thought that was very sad.

    However, it seems that Kate’s father is a minister and her parents did help out with the twins before the other babies were born. No one is quite sure (publicly) what happened that caused the estrangement with her parents, but it is speculated that her father’s church took up a donation for the 6 new babies with ‘used’ items which apparently offended Kate.

    She does seem to run through relationships with family and friends at the drop of a hat, which in my opinion, is a big red flag. Seems like every season, they have a different social circle.

    And NOW, her brother Kevin and sister-in-law Jodi, have come out on Radar.com with some rather damaging interviews. Again, Kate’s personality aside, I don’t get the whole family tossing any of them VERY PUBLICLY under the bus. It seems so … mean? And you have to wonder what ulterior motive THEY have. An ax to grind? Sad.

  4. I have watched the show but have never been a big fan. I think Kate is too uptight, and not very friendly or personable, and she drives me crazy. Anyway, having read this, and checked out Jodi’s sister’s blog, I’m dumbfounded. This woman is doing the exact same thing she is accusing Kate of doing, exploiting the children, and the show. Without the show with the two sets of multiples, the very one’s being exploited, Jodi’s sister, or Jodi, or Kevin, would not be known and wouldn’t have an audience to voice anything to, especially this sister of Jodi’s. And who is this audience who is listening to her? How many people are speaking up in support of Kevin and Jodi? Who are Kevin and Jodi? Until I read Lisa’s blog, I had no clue they existed. I always thought the Gosselins were estranged from both their families.

    It’s all really too bad. The kids will either come out fine or not, but don’t we all face that anyway with kids, whether we’re on television or not?

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