knick knack paddy whack

I have never been a big ‘collector’, the most likely reason being that I don’t  have a very long attention span, coupled with the fact I’m generally unwilling to cough up coin for things that aren’t necessarily ‘useful’; things that don’t serve a specific purpose.  Then, of course, there’s the issue that clutter in the form of knick knacks raises my level of angst.  Not in other people’s homes, mind you, but certainly in my own. 

Yes, I am quirky.

So when I do collect anything, I tend to be pretty basic.  I collect books (lots of them).  And Willow Tree people.  I love (love love) my Willow Tree people. 

And earlier this year I discovered the world of Blossom Bucket.  How could I not love this line?  It was calling my name …



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