make it work

This weekend I perused my TiVo ‘wishlists’ to schedule program recording for the next few weeks. I am sad to report that TV land has hit a long dry spell. You would think out of 300-plus channels something entertaining would urp up.



So I checked out the Internet in search of encouraging announcements on new-shows-slash-new-seasons air dates.  First up, ‘Project Runway’, that ended its last glorious season a (painfully) long time ago.  Okay. I’m going to pause here a moment and give you some valuable information. 

I know.  ‘Valuable’ is a subjective term.


For those of you who have never watched ‘Project Runway’, I highly recommend that you take a moment to deposit your tush on a couch cushion and watch just one itty-bitty episode. 

Just one. 

Promise it won’t kill you.

I first got hooked on ‘Project Runway’ a few years ago when I was miserably incapacitated with the flu.  The day at home, ill (read:  dying … it was awful), relegated to bed, fatefully was a day that BRAVO was running back-to-back episodes of the first and second seasons of ‘Project Runway’. 



Tim Gunn made me forget all about my nausea.  Well.  At least for 15-20 minutes at a time.  The best bout of flu I ever had.


I was hooked. They had me at hello.  Or the first time the ever-fastidious Tim Gunn narrowed a critical eye, pushed up his specs, flipped his wrist, and admonished, ‘Make it work!’.

Because I am in no way (no way … can’t stress that enough) talented in the realm of the arts, I absolutely love watching people who are so inclined. 

The premise for ‘Project Runway’ is ‘x’ number of contestants are given weekly fashion design challenges.  The contestant whose garment is rated the lowest by the judges … said panel includes Heidi “I Still Have A Slammin’ Body After 10,000 Children” Klum … is eliminated. 

The contestants are tasked with whipping up garments out of such materials as foliage, things found in a grocery store, or Hershey candy wrappers. And worse.  Folks, I can’t make this stuff up.  I’m always flabbergasted at what these people produce given the material, time, and cash constraints foisted upon them. 


My spirit would have been crushed within the first 20 minutes of the assigned task.  Okay.  Twenty minutes is being vastly generous.  You want me to make a bathing suit out of tree bark?  Lisa begins to chortle uncontrollably and reaches for bottle of Valium. 

But these designers?  Pffft. They could do it blind folded with one hand tied behind their back.  They’d not only make the tree-bark bathing suit, they’d add a palm frond cover-up and coconut swim cap just for grins. 


Checking the Internet I see that ‘Project Runway’, Season 6 begins on August 20th.  I shall beg your indulgence for a moment as I do a (badly executed) cartwheel.


But here’s an interesting twist.  BRAVO has lost it’s license to air ‘Project Runway’.  After five highly-successful seasons, the ‘Project Runway’ series is now moving to the Lifetime channel. 

Cliff notes version of the whole debacle.

Lifetime was originally offered the series in it’s infancy.  Lifetime said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks. Our air time is strictly reserved for shows about women whose husbands use them as punching bags, 12-year olds with drug and pregnancy issues, and people dying of the disease de jour.’

Conversely, knowing a good thing when they see it, BRAVO opened its arms and said ‘HELLO TIM GUNN’.  Game on.

Sadly, several blossoming years later, BRAVO’s contract for ‘Project Runway’ expires. Ahhh.  Herein lies a major rub for BRAVO. When Lifetime initially passed on the programming, they (rather smartly) stipulated that at the expiration of BRAVO’s contract, Lifetime would receive right-of-first refusal on the next go ‘round.  Lifetime seized upon the cash cow and threw the show into their rodeo.

Then.  BRAVO took Lifetime to court. 

Lifetime got ‘Project Runway’ anyway.



Y’all know I’ll watch the show on any station.  But.  I have to say that the ‘fit’ on BRAVO seems to be a much more sensible scenario than Lifetime.  ‘Project Runway’ airing on Lifetime is markedly akin to airing ‘Blues Clues’ on the SciFi Channel.  Maybe in some parallel universe it makes sense.

Oh well.  It is what it is. 

Make it work.


5 thoughts on “make it work

  1. I love Project Runway. I’ve been an avid fan since season one. I was really confused when I heard there was a problem between Bravo and Lifetime. I didn’t try too hard to find out why, so thank you for the info. I did know a few weeks ago that the court case was finally decided, or settled out of court, and that Tim, Heidi, et al., were headed to Lifetime. It’ll work.

  2. Project Runway is my hands-down favorite show. I know at one time they talked about airing it in June 2009 (it was actually done taping in November 2008?!), but I see it’s been pushed all the way back to the ‘regular’ fall season schedule in August.

    Stinks. 🙂

  3. Lori, according to my confidential sources (i.e. the internet), looks like they’re filming season 6 of Top Chef at this very moment in Las Vegas.

    No air date yet announced. *acccck*

    ROAD TRIP! 😉

    Ahhh … I so love BRAVO TV.

  4. OMG!!! I love Bravo tv!! Hello!!! They brought us Housewives, Top Chef, Workout and Blow Out (gosh I miss that show and Jonathan Antin!). I’ve watched bits and pieces of Runway and may now have to catch it when it comes back. Your blogs are not only funny but highly informative! One day a history lesson (which I thoroughly enjoy and agree you should write more about history) and the next you help with our tv viewing schedule! Thankyouverymuch! 🙂

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