Methinks my van needs help. 

My check engine light has been on and off periodically since January.  Curiously, it didn’t turn itself on until the metal flap in the channel where I fill my gas tank came up missing.  I did the ‘Key Dance’ that I read about online and came up with an error diagnostic code in my odometer space. 

Did y’all know you could do that?  

Mercy me. I sure as heck didn’t. 

And.  It must be some sort of a Super Classified Secret because it’s no where to be found in the helpful (cough) Chrysler owner’s manual. 


Called the dealership with the code that, according to several websites, indicates it’s some sort of ’emissions sensor issue’.  The service manager asked me if the check engine light was flashing.  Negatory.  He asked if the van was running ‘rough’.  Runs just fine, thankyouverramuch.

He then asked me if the light stayed on all the time.  Umm.  Nope, it’ll go off sometimes when I fill up the tank.  And sometimes it’ll stay off for long periods of time (read:  several weeks). 


Sometimes what trips it to turn on is when I hit a bump in the road.

It’s a very technical problem, you see.

Curiously the service manager told me I could (one) either bring the van in for them to check it out or (two) simply wait until it starts flashing which would indicate something serious. 

I’m so not kidding. 

Let me get this straight.  You’re actually telling me it’s okay to drive with my check engine light on? You are the dealership.  You are a trained technician.

Okay.  I could roll with that.

When the check engine light starts flashing, I’ll give you a jingle. 

PS:  Yes, I do know the other light means I need gas. 
That was in the owner’s manual.


3 thoughts on “ding

  1. Ok, we too have a chrysler dodge van and I’m telling you that I am completely convinced that the check engine light is some kind of chrysler scam. Case in point: time for the annual inspection of my van and the place I took it to would not inspect it because the check engine light was on (and that mechanic said they don’t have the diagnostic tools to determine why the light was on). I was told to take it to the chrysler dealership. 400 and something dollars later all if fixed, engine light off, and inspection completed and passed. HOWEVER, 3 freakin’ days later, guess what appears on my dashboard????? Yes the very same check engine light is on!! OK, deep breath, I’ll take it back, they’ll wiggle some wiring and I’ll be good as new. OH NO!!! According to chrysler this was a whole new issue that would cost approximately $500 to fix. Yes were told that we didn’t have to have this problem fixed but ya know, down the road it could lead to bigger problems……So since this was so close to Christmas, I told the dealership that I didn’t appreciate their check engine light scam. According to them it isn’t unusual to bring the car in for a check engine light issue and days later a whole new issue can pop up. Can you say scam??????

  2. How funny because I JUST came back from taking Max to the groomers and then stopped at Tim Horton’s and I look down and my check engine light is now OFF. It’s been on steadily all week. And after I dropped Max off, got back into the car, did NOTHING TO IT … it’s now off.


    We’re debating to buy it out at the end of the lease and now I’m just not sure. I have 3 months to decide.

    The sad thing is we’ve had several Dodge vehicles over the past 10 years and have really never had a problem (knock on wood) with any of them!?! This light is REALLY annoying!

  3. PS: Have you ever checked the code yourself? Insert your key into the ignition. Turn it PARTIALLY on, then turn the key back and forth several times quickly and you’ll soon see a code appear in your odometer window. AHA! Write it down and take it to the dealership. They also have a list online of what all the codes mean.

    No one I’ve ever talked to has known this … I happened to find the little cheat online. 🙂

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