Brief post today as it’s the holiday weekend and we’ve been out and about.  The weather is nothing short of superb, and staying inside makes my skin itch.  So.  Firstly, be aware I do realize I’ve been slacking in my Blogging Responsibilities lately.  However, I very much appreciate the fact y’all keep checking in anyway. 


Well, I’m quite astounded. 

To put it mildly.

To quote my friends at Bartles & James …
‘Thank you for your continued support’.

My blog stats don’t tell me exactly where y’all are coming from.  Only that ya’ll are coming.  Which … well, let’s be honest.  It keeps me under the Great Delusion that y’all are waiting for me to say something worthwhile.

I’m working up to it. 

I swear.

So.  Today, as I plodded through the kitchen for the hundredth time with armloads of folded laundry … contrary to the popular belief of my husband and children that the process of washing and drying clothes in my book ends with the placement of said folded clothes into a laundry basket … sometimes … on occasion … I actually do put the clothes away … I pass by one of my bookshelves.

I know.  That last sentence is way too long and disjointed.  And.  I’m feeling too lazy today to edit myself. 

Read it twice.  Slowly.

Ready?  Let’s move on.

 Upon said bookshelves are …

Alright.  Best if you just take a peek.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Oooh.  Ahhh.  We have fireworks. 

On a side note, please ignore the wallpaper. It seemed like
a charming idea when we had the house built 15 years
ago.  Not so much now.  But something I’d put into the
category of ‘Way Too Big of a Project to Think About This Summer”.

If you’re into ‘Spring’ or ‘Winter Day’ … fans, we have the
fireworks for you.  Red your color?  Perhaps it’s purple?

C’mon down.

PS:  I would love to be at the Naming of Fireworks Meeting.
Dig the one called ‘Perfect Timing’.  Heh heh heh …

The brightest idea of the fireworks shopping spree?  Safety glasses.
Two pairs in the event you get the first pair blown off.


In conclusion, I wish y’all a safe and fun-filled July 4th.  And don’t eat
the potato salad.  Y’all don’t know how long it’s been out.


One thought on “kaboom

  1. It amazes me to see all of those fireworks. You can’t buy them out here. It’s illegal. Something about living in the desert, no rain, out of control brush fires, blah blah…

    But, hey, every year we get the sound of fools firing off their guns to celebrate. This is the wild west you know.

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