sorry seems to be the hardest word

Some days I get the absolute best text messages.  I SWEAR.  And just so y’all don’t think I’m joshing, I present to you The Evidence.

So.  After I received this masterpiece of literature late Friday evening, I debated whether I should call my yet-to-be discovered friend, Antonia, and tell her she just sent an errant text message.  However.  I figured since she called me the ‘B’ Word, she might not be all that receptive to an actual conversation. She sounds like a Very Angry Young Woman.

Where’s a good old-fashioned bar of mouth washing soap when you need it?


Instead, I texted back Antonia the Rhodes Scholar and said simply, ‘I’m sorry but I think you must have the wrong number.’  Now.  I would have expected Antonia to feel a tad embarrassed and that the communcation would cease.  I’m so naïve. 


I present to you More Evidence of Great Texting.  And then, after this, the line goes quiet.


Until last night when The Hubby and I were at dinner. 

Johnnie texts me ‘wat up dis johnnie’.  I can only surmise that Antonia and Johnnie attended the same school with a Terribly Awful English Teacher.

partyPartypa … NEVERMIND

So.  Before I dig into the succulent steaming lobster the waitress has just slid in front of me, I decide to call Johnnie and/or Antonia.  Maybe if they hear my voice, they’ll get it.  Ring. Ring. Ring.  Someone picks up the phone.  Dead silence.  I say, ‘Really, you have the wrong number.’ 

More dead silence.  My $28.50 lobster is getting cold. 


I repeat myself.  To which a young man, perhaps it was Johnnie or Isaiah or maybe Antonia pretending to be all man-like says, ‘No dude, you have the wrong number.’


‘No dude, you …??’

Oh I can’t go on.  Truly.

What is wrong with people that a simple ‘oops sorry’ doesn’t suffice?  And the phenomenon doesn’t seem to be exclusive to texting.  A few weeks ago a pick-up truck pulled directly in front of me as I was rambling down the road doing about 45 miles per hour.  And folks, I mean he pulled out directly in front me.  Like with about 15 feet to spare.  Apparently he was making his 8:00 am beer run at the carry-out and couldn’t get home fast enough with the brew.  So, I gave a little toot to the horn.  The man slammed on his brakes, pulled to the side of the road, dropped down his window, and flipped me off, calling me a Name I Won’t Repeat Here.


In our society, manners seem to have flown completely out the window.  Simple little gestures of kindness, a little ‘sorry, I made a mistake’ tossed in here and there, ‘no, please you go first’  courtesies are virtually non-existent.  I find even my sons will argue over the dumbest things of who said what to whom.  Then when I intervene, they’ll rant about how they were justified in retaliating in the manner in which they did.


Can’t you just say you’re sorry?  Why must you feel the need to justify your bad behavior?


And as fate would have it, I literally just received another text message from Johnnie.

‘wat up …’

Well, Johnnie et al. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to ask Verizon to block you.  See? I even said ‘sorry’.